July 10, 2016: “The Narrow Way"” (Matthew 7:13-14): Jesus contrasts the wide, welcoming road to destruction and the little-sought path that leads to life.

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For the September 27, 2015, sermon in our Romans series
Paul's Parting Prayer”) Click here

Bilingual Sermons
For Such a Time as This (9/13/2015) Esther: Throne of Power, Throne of Grace (Bilingual)
God’s Refreshing Word (9/14/2014) Sermon for Bible Emphasis Day (Bilingual)
Job: The Measure of a Father 2014 Fathers’ Day sermon (Bilingual)
The Work of the Elder (4/6/2014): For the Ordination of Antonio Mendoza and Pedro Perez (Bilingual)

Other Sermons

1. Owe Only Love 2. Four Kinds of Believers
Don't Divide over the Doubtful 4. Christ, Lord of Doubtful Things
Doubtful Things in the Kingdom

Christian Patriots? (7/19/2015) What We Can Do (7/26/2015)
What We Shouldn't Do (8/2/2015)

2014-15 Christmas Series on Isaiah 9:6
Wonderful (12/7/2014), Counselor (12/14/2014), Mighty God (12/8/2014),
Everlasting Father (1/4/2015), Prince of Peace (1/11/2015).

Delight in the Lord Bilingual sermon (11/16/2014): As we celebrate the fourth anniversary of our church and the first anniversary of our lovely building, we must remember that it’s all nothing apart from a life of trust and delight in the Lord who is the center of all joy and blessing.

Love: The Mark of the Church (10/6/2013): “As our church enters a new chapter, it’s vital to keep our priorities straight. It’s all about maintaining our first love, lest God remove our lamp stand.” The first sermon preached at Living by Faith Church’s new facilities at 7601 N. Ware Road. Preached outdoors under the pavilion, since the electricity was not yet connected inside.

Guest Preachers
A Soldier’s Story (5/18/2014 John P. Roberts, Ph.D.): After Elijah’s greatest victory, he falls to fear and goes A.W.O.L., and God deals with him in grace.

Love and Marriage Sermons

The Violence of DivorceGuarding our Ground Living the Love Song
A Godly SpouseA Married Heart The Calling of Singleness
Valentine or Cupid?

Remember and Follow 5/25/2014 Memorial Day
The Fidelity of the Church’s Evangelism (9/1/2013) What does it mean for the church to be faithful to the Gospel?
Soldiers of the Faith Seeing the “Heroes of the Faith” as regular, flawed human beings with an awesome God.
Giants and Walls Dealing with trials in the center of the will of God.
The Temptation to Idolatry Overcoming the constant pressure to put something in God’s place.
Meditation Biblical meditation is essential for fruitfulness. What is it?
Wait on the Lord The importance of patience and perseverance in hearing the voice of God.
Thorny Ground How good things can become weeds and choke God’s best in our lives.

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